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  1. This online service has changed how me manage schedule, scoring and statistics. It’s something that is needed by all leagues. The developer is dedicated to make improvements that are needed and is quick to respond to issues. Looking forward to using this for a long time.

  2. Really something all the cricket lovers in manitoba needed. Have to give all the credit to Irfan for making this app. Thanks for your time and efforts.
    Checking online stats and live scoring really helps cricket lovers to be involved wherever they are. Great invention!

  3. Great help for Manitoba cricket.
    It was a crucial step having paramount importance to put Manitoba cricket back on track of administrative effectiveness.
    It’s a wonderful user friendly app which includes all facets of scoring and league management. Amazing blend of simplicity and inclusiveness. It’s way easier to schedule the league matches, know the team standings, personal profile and performances of players, individual match statistics and details; each having seamless connectivity and ease . All this accessibility with a tap of a button sitting at home is just amazing.

    This could not have been possible without an honest, spirited & committed individual ‘Irfan’.

  4. Well done Irfan Bhaee, this indeed is a platform that has advanced MCA from stoneage to at par with modern age of technology.

    Kudos to you for keeping us all connected with our hometown cricket seen regardless of where we are in the world.

    I know the website is in development stage and you are constantly working on improving the user experience. I do have one suggestion of keeping all the SASA portal pages to one format/design. All the information is there but sometimes accessing is could mean to go through few pages to get there.
    All the menus of SASA portal can be made accessable from home page within the same design. Not sure if I make sense but, let’s talk off line so I can explain better.

    All said, this is fantastic effort on your part to bring us all up to speed in this modern technological world. I am waiting for the day when I can watch a live stream of MCA cricket matches from the comfort of my couch LOL!

    All the best and kind regards my friend!!

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